Knowing your Character

Character Strengths Practice PERMA. Positive Emotion, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning and Accomplishment. Invented by Prof. Martin Seligman the “Father of Positivity”. It shows when we know our character strengths and we put more into the higher strengths everyday we thrive. We engage in PERMA so we thrive. Becoming self-aware, understanding ourselves more from the inside, engaging […]

Lemons & other good things

Start your day with a lemon water drink, with fresh ginger. Squeeze half a lemon into your mug and add hot water and a knob of fresh ginger. Leave to seep whilst you cleanse your face. Pop Vit C serum on your clean face and turn to your Vit C drink! A great way to […]

Hydrate Body & Mind

Keep Hydrated! Take a water bottle with you. Sip along in the day. Most of us move around in the day in a permanent state of dehydration. Water is vital for our body to  function properly. It helps our muscles, joints, brain, immune system, digestion and  energy levels.  Start your day with a glass of […]

Stretching our Mind

Strengthen your skeleton and muscles. Pull, push, balance, hold and twist. Strength training gives muscle definition, muscles hold up the skin. Think about posture and correct form.  Train with the pros. Professional trainers have worked hard for their qualifications. Find one to suit your needs and work with them to teach you correct form. Learn […]

The Moon & Me

Have you ever thought about our connection with the moon? I remember sitting on my mother’s knee in 1969 and staring up at the moon when she told me there was a man who had just landed up there! I have felt a connection somehow to the moon ever since then!  So much in nature […]

Sleep for Skin

One of the most essential functions in our lives.   Bad choices are made when you are tired.   A lack of sleep can lead to irritation, sadness, depression, anger and accidents.  Create your perfect sleeping environment. Dark, cool, comfy, make a favourite  nest, with your favourite linens and preferred pillows. Be comfy on your back  or […]

C is for Communicate

Open up and talk to share. It is a great way to lead to a happier life. We are born to be  social and look into each other’s eyes. Bottling up thoughts and fears when you can’t  let them go is damaging to your mental health. When you need to offload a problem   Again, ask […]

Listening or hearing?

You have two ears and one mouth. Use them in proportion.   Listening is a great skill. Be good at it. Observe. Show interest in other people,   especially if they are opening up to you and asking advice. Be proud they   came to you for your wise counsel. Digest what you are hearing. Know the   difference […]

The importance of laughter

Laugh, feel it in your tummy. See yourself laughing in the mirror. Hear yourself   laughing. Watch others smile and laugh. Laugh till it hurts. It is SO good for you.   You will always have great memories of a really good laugh and who it was with!   School friends, siblings, often in places like assembly or […]

Reading – Engage your Mind

Try to lose yourself, find flow, disengage from the outside world in a good  novel, a fascinating story or read about something new. Books, news reports,  documentaries, on and offline, read about other people’s stories and experiences  too. Listen to books in the car or on long walks, buy new or old books. Lend and  […]