“Women understand women. We have all heard about Mars and Venus, and the some of the world is focussed on acknowledging the ongoing battle for equality recognition. Yet, in this complex labyrinth, most women stand together, resilient, understanding and supporting of each other. Nurture these connections – they are your haven, your cheer leaders, your confidantes. Women, stand strong and reach out. We were meant to journey together.”  Libbla

The Backstory

Having been a nanny, worked with young people, recruited and managed New Look staff and as a hobby specialised as a personal trainer in core strength, balance, stretching, and breath, she decided to enrich the lives of her growing group of 14 godchildren, nieces and nephews and those she had nannied for  by writing a journal about the importance of true Values for Life. To help enhance their Wellbeing – “Wisdom While You Work” soon found its way into schools, becoming a beloved PSHE resource and endorsed by IAPS.

Delving Deeper into Positive Psychology

In 2016, Libbla dove into a new phase of personal and educational growth, undertaking a notable course – Foundations of Positive Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania. The mentorship from world-renowned psychologists like Prof. Martin Seligman, Angela Duckworth, Karen Reivich and James Pawlowski underpinned her desire to foster positive interventions and character strengths in others.

This transformative journey inspired Libbla to pivot her career and step into the Wellbeing Sector, fuelled by the compelling desire to share her newfound knowledge and experiences with other women. She introduced a progamme aimed at mentoring midlife women, concentrating on self-awareness and positivity, change and belief in themselves. Libbla’s style is knowledgeable, positive, strong, warm and inspiring,  empowering women with new found strength.

Women. In every Sense of the Word

A midlife woman is a powerfully unique being, an ever-changing confluence of wisdom, challenges and strength. Libbla understands these intricate layers and unique challenges that women encounter – menopause, anxiety, mood swings, over-coping, losing yourself, empty nest syndrome, the loss of relationships and the stress and grief associated with the ageing and passing of parents. She knows first-hand the fear and self-doubt these experiences can brew.

Libbla Kelly

Better Together

I strongly believes in drawing strength from shared experiences. My journey has epitomised that in most ways; women around the world are a vast and interconnected community of ‘carers and sharers’, each brimming with incredible resilience.

Five Threads of Wisdom

  • Be Happy: Foster a healthy lifestyle; it inevitably leads to happiness. Understand your life’s purpose and pursue it relentlessly. Seek to flourish.

  • Be Positive: Embrace the brighter side of life, it eases the journey. Discover your Positive Path.

  • Believe in Yourself: Make decisions based on the information available at that moment. No room for regrets here, only learning.

  • Establish Good Habits: Develop positive habits but remember to allow space for flexibility.

  • Live in the Present: Plan for the future but relish the beauty of the present moment. Learn to let go of what’s beyond your control.

Can it work for you?

It sounds great in theory, but what about in practice? Can we really adhere to these principles while grappling with real-life challenges? Yes, we can!

Remember that it is ‘You’ who makes these choices. It is ‘You’ who manifests them into reality, by accessing available tools – guidance, perseverance, organisation and the most important….time.

If you ever find yourself stuck, just drop me a line. I’m here, armed with wisdom, empathy, and a heart eager to help.