Start your day with a lemon water drink, with fresh ginger.

Squeeze half a lemon into your mug and add hot water and a knob of fresh ginger. Leave to seep whilst you cleanse your face. Pop Vit C serum on your clean face and turn to your Vit C drink! A great way to start the day.

Why lemons? You will read the good and the bad about lemons. There is good and bad in a lot of things. As usual too much, is too much! Balance, balance, balance.

My suggestion is to only have half a squeezed lemon because it will rid you of toxins and set your liver and kidneys up for the day. It acts as an immune booster upping your levels of Vit C.

Lemons have citric acid in them which if you have too strong or 2 or 3 juiced lemons could damage tooth enamel over time, but half a lemon diluted with hot water is perfectly fine. I have been having this drink for over 25 years every morning of my life and my teeth are very strong, thank you!

The ginger in your drink will help soothe your tummy and we know it is a super food. It has antioxidant properties, is anti- inflammatory, and can settle a nauseous tummy.