Open up and talk to share. It is a great way to lead to a happier life. We are born to be  social and look into each other’s eyes. Bottling up thoughts and fears when you can’t  let them go is damaging to your mental health. When you need to offload a problem  

Again, ask yourself – you will find the answers… and share it, choose your moment and choose wisely who you talk to.  “Why did I behave like that, or why did I say that? 

What was that reaction for? I blurted it out before I thought about it!”  

The realisation that you have been triggered is a great learning of self. A reminder of a past behaviour or reaction that no longer serves you. Learn to recognise what triggers you over and over, write down the issues, and see if you can think of how to change them. It takes practice, but once you have figured this out, it is life-changing.