A long and highly complex word! Acceptance is not a solution; it is an  understanding. It is “letting go” of all that is attached to the issues and to the  situations that enable acceptance. On the acceptance path, sometimes you cannot  believe others see the opposite to you! As we age, acceptance is not an easier path,  we understand it is a wiser path. Understanding that letting go of what holds  a problem back, you can see more clearly a way to acceptance, acquiescence, or  compromise. This makes room for more good space inside you. 

The awareness of pain is your body’s way of saying “please heal me” physically  or mentally. Your awareness means either your mind or body is in need of some  loving attention. It is not to be pushed aside nor buried even deeper. Sometimes  

long-term pain from your heart or mind manifests itself as physical pain, maybe  even disease.  

We are far more lightly to recognise physical pain, it is conditioned in us. When  we are young, you fall over, hurt your knee, you put a plaster on it. It is dealt  with just like that. Sticking plasters are only temporary solutions. Healing your  mind and body can be a long process, one that in time will change your life for the  better. It is for the long run. Mental and physical healing build strength for you to  journey on knowing you have learnt so much about yourself in the process.