Libbla has extraordinary insight. She is indeed wise. I wanted to tell her everything. I just knew she could help me. Her gentle confidence & ways to work through this, gave me extra zing and belief in me! Excited to say, this really worked. Thanks Libbla

        Helen M. London.

Having studied Positive Psychology at UPENN with world-famous positive psychologists. It was life-changing. She has also been a personal trainer for 15 years and combining her career in communications, Libbla has realised her past has brought her to where she is right now, as with all of us! Wanting to share the knowledge, she has now created a programme training and mentoring midlife women, one to one or within your business.

Living life with an understanding of the true you is living life! Start now. 

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By phone or online 

60 mins £99

Under 30 years old £60




For you or your business 

starts at £500



Ongoing sessions tailored to you

£100 per session.

My programs are designed under the banner of Positive Psychology, Body Knowledge and the Positive Energy we have untapped inside us. This will be released for you!


Keep moving gently forward…


Understand, Know, Believe & Trust in you

When you understand yourself more through your Character Strengths, we can work on aligning your thinking with them. You need nothing but a belief this will work for you, as it has done for so many others. 

So, why wait? Let’s create a new courage inside you. A place of strength and understanding. Change Bad Space to Good Space, letting in a sense of renewal and positivity. Know your truth, it WILL set you free to thrive with confidence in whatever path you choose.


Every one of us has 24 character strengths in different rankings, giving each person a unique character profile. They are revealed by filling in a short survey. The higher placed strengths are those that come most naturally to you. I will then show you how to use them to approach the main challenges in your life. Your new understanding will create a huge difference in how you view yourself and your world. When you discover your strengths, you will magically begin to understand and know yourself better. Examples of Character Strengths are Kindness, Perseverance, Honesty, Humour, Love, Teamwork, Creativity, Social Intelligence, Zest & Curiosity.



This involves sessions of reminding you what you know but have lost or forgotten. I Ask and Listen to you. You sit in silence and see what comes in. We journal it and assess the situation. We Isolate the obstacles. We work out the priorities & personalise a plan for you. Learn mobile meditation, breathe work, learning to savour, connecting to your younger self, just some of the new ways to a positive life. All You need to be is open, trusting, explain the life you are living, make notes and do your homework! Practice does make perfect… almost!

We will work out the type of movement or exercise you want in your life. We will work on a skin care routine for face and body – the foods to replace with better ones, this will re-energise you. I show you daily interventions that change the way you look and feel. Exploring your new path will involve your commitment.

We will redefine the way you plan and prioritise your days. We will work at finding balance in your life around your commitments. This will give you more time and more freedom to enjoy the tasks in everyday life and put meaning into them. You will find extra time in your day to enjoy your hobbies, friends & family.

Media Coverage and Comment

Libbla’s Wisdom has been celebrated and endorsed by many online media outlets, plus this wonderful opportunity in the Daily Telegraph.

Other press includes, Talk Education, Rest Less, Annabel & Grace, Kings Tutors.

Founder, Libbla Kelly, with her wealth of experience and learning, has become a sought-after expert, providing commentary and advice on navigating midlife with wisdom and resilience. From instilling values in young minds to guiding women through the transformative midlife phase, Libbla’s expert voice resonates with a wide audience. She is readily available for media comment, offering an informed and empathetic perspective on the challenges and joys of midlife!