Discover the Wisdom While You Work Journal – Laying the Path to a Well-Rounded Life

Building the foundations of wellbeing and self-confidence through values – aged 11.

Helping to shape resilient, kind, happy and well-balanced characters.

Endorsed by some of the UK’s leading schools, charities and organisations.

Welcome to the world of insightful enlightenment with the Wisdom While You Work Journal.

This unique, engaging tool is designed to share the 100 most important life values to guide and inspire young minds, helping shape character and cultivate positive individuals. It comprises 100 pages, perfect for reading, working, or doodling upon. Inspired by life’s critical lessons, this journal translates into an essential everyday companion, adaptable for both individual and collaborative use at home or in school.

Take a Peek

100 Pages to work with, read or doodle on!  In class or at home, work together or alone. Take a look inside…

For Young People’s Wellbeing

An inspirational journal designed to empower young minds (11 and up) by encouraging self-confidence, resilience, and kindness. Each page is a lesson in values, offering a unique space for doodling, writing, and self-expression. Celebrated by leading UK schools and charities, this journal is an ideal companion for the journey towards adulthood.

For those looking to gift or use a set, our special bundles allow you to buy 5 and save £5, or even buy 50 and save a whopping £150. 

An Inspirational Toolbox Endorsed and Loved Worldwide

Bespoke Covers Tailored to Your Needs

We value the importance of making your journal as personal to you as possible. To make them even more special, we offer personalised covers that carry your unique imprint – be it your favourite colours, memorable phrases, or your organisation’s logo. This specially tailored option is readily available for a minimum order of 100 books.
Take a look at how the Naval Children’s charity commissioned their own colours and used their logo on the back and inside with their chosen text.
Simply email us or ring Libbla at 07778 299149 for quotes or any other requests.

Kind Words

Since publishing Wisdom While You Work, I have been overwhelmed by the response I have received. 

“Libbla, you have clearly written something important here”.
Sir Anthony Seldon, FRSA.

Libbla, Your very wonderful, lovely notebook came today.  Thanks so much. It is full of good, gentle nudges that will help people do better work and live better lives.
Barry Schwartz  – Best Selling AUTHOR of  “Practical Wisdom” and “Why We Work”

Bought, Endorsed, and Loved

Media Coverage and Comment

Libbla’s Wisdom has been celebrated and endorsed by numerous media outlets, including the respected Daily Telegraph, establishing its significant presence in the realm of modern life wisdom.

Our founder, Libbla Kelly, with her wealth of experience and insights, has become a sought-after expert, providing commentary and advice on navigating life’s various stages with wisdom and resilience. From instilling values in young minds to guiding women through the transformative midlife phase, Libbla’s expert voice resonates with a wide audience. She is readily available for media comment, offering an informed and empathetic perspective on the challenges and joys of modern life.