A Head Teacher’s Speech.

A head teacher from a prep school was leaving in July 2016. She prepared here leavers speech with my book in mind…. here are a couple of paragraphs from it.

“Tomorrow in final assembly you will be given a gift from me. It is a copy of a book which was bought for me as a present at Easter by a good friend. It is a book filled with a few well chosen words, words your parents have probably said to you, or will. Each page has space for you to write or draw, to make the book your own. One of the phrases reads “look at your life as if reading a book, chapters start and finish, some better than others, but take the chance to make each chapter even better than the last”

Fittingly the very last page of the book reads, remember the greatest life tip of all, be true to yourself, this means knowing that you have done the best you can every day in the most honest, kind, friendly, fun way possible.

Go and write the next chapter, one that when you look back you read with joy.”