The Age for Wisdom?

Life is a moral maze, no more so as when you are a 12-16 year old. You are being constantly bombarded with temptations and you are trying to work out right from wrong and what you can just about get away with!W for Wisdom

I was no different, arguing with my father, taking solace with my mother, sneaking to the pub with my big brother and trying not to get caught kissing, drinking and smoking – you know the usual thing!

I wonder then as my sales seem to suit ages 8-88 really who Wisdom While You Work – An Inspirational Notebook or Cards should be aimed at. I have spent time thinking about this and asking around.

A mother said “12 – catch them whilst they are still listening to us!”

A 15 year old girl said “this is my book for my thoughts, it’s nothing to do with Mum”

A 30 year old woman said “a group of us are turning 30 this year, we are all buying your book for each other.”

My 50 year old friend said – “Libbla, this book is for everyone to read, there are very few books like that.”

An 88 year old lady phoned me to say “I haven’t got much time left on this earth but these values you have in your book, I value them and I will try and put them into my time left”

So perhaps I needn’t wonder about the age group any more, we all need values either to learn for the first time or to be reminded of them.

Wise up everyone no matter your age and get your copy now!


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