Wisdom on a Rugby Website?!


In Touch Rugby 

It just shows that Wisdom While You Work is a book that can be posted everywhere for all to read! The values in it can be attributed to so many facets of life…even a rugby pitch.

The lovely people at In Touch Rugby have popped up a link and explanation for my book on their very busy website!

Rugby has been part of my life forever funnily enough! My father used to coach the Wanderers Rugby Club at Landsdowne Road (Now Aviva Stadium) Dublin.

As small children my brother and I used to go along with Daddy and rugby became instilled in us! I have always followed the Irish Rugby Team and hero worshiped BOD of course!

What a game and what monumental true sportsmen . We should all learn so much from the game in terms of teamwork, giving your all and comradeship.

It brings together focussed characters and sport to compete on a level playing field where the agile, the quick thinkers, the strong and the brave play to win.

Not losing your cool on the Rugby Pitch is probably one of the hardest challenges faced when the game gets so physical but the best players are the best behaved!

Thanks In Touch for the lovely write up!


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