The Wisdom of Westonbirt!

The Headmistress of Westonbirt School Natasha Dangerfield, sent me this lovely email. That fabulous school where my father used to teach Advanced Reading in the 80’s, we share the same values. So thrilled they bought my books… thank you Natasha.

Dear Libbla,

I was delighted to have been able to present each of my Year 13 with one of your books this year and they were very well received. In fact, I then had to give the title to a couple of staff who went off to your website to buy them!

The values you so creatively wrap into your notebook echo our own and we believe strongly in the relationship between positive thinking, self-reflection and the optimistic approach one can then gain from this; my mantra to our students is that their cups are half full!

Your observations, quotations and the presentation of them allow our girls to continue on the journey they have started with us and I hope in such a way, that their responses to this new route they are taking, can be reflected upon in an individual and light hearted fashion, with a serious message as an undertone.

We will be ordering more and my PA will be in touch next term. Please remember if ever you wanted to visit, we would love to have you!

Warm wishes

Natasha Dangerfield

Headmistress – Westonbirt School

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