Everyone must help Share Wisdom

I have no idea where this will take us, but it is going to be great..the mission is this..

To inspire the children of the world with values that may change their lives.

This is an ethos, a revolution to help change children’s/teens lives

The word Wisdom is an under-utilised word; so much can be learnt from it. It is creeping more and more into our world. It seems these days we are turning back time and teaching our young ones real basic values again. Listen and see, I hear or read people using the word wisdom almost daily.

Whatever happens, whatever we do in life, we need to get Wisdom out to our young people. Everyday, more and more people are buying my book to support my project; with your help too it could be great!

We need to engage the media, they are the ones who can help us shout about it! The Chris Evan’s of this world, the Women’s Hour ladies, the Head teachers, the sports stars, the role models for the young, the models, Cara etc…

Sharing Wisdom Works and Sharing the basic values in Wisdom While You Work is easy! Contact me to see how you may help.

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