Social Responsibility Project

Wisdom While You Work is the perfect Corporate Social Responsibility project for young people in communities. It engages and educates. If a business is trying to find a project this would be perfect for them!

Introducing A Notebook Full of Wisdom to Encourage & Inspire Young People.

Covering the best core values, good character, mindfulness, happiness, virtues, personal, social, health, and citizenship, this beautifully designed book inspires communication, respect, positivity and understanding. It is a life-guide for good. It reminds us of some of the most important values in life. It explains how to incorporate these messages into our everyday lives with suggestions and explanations especially written with young people in mind. Designed in the form of a notebook with 1500 copies sold to all ages, 8 to 88, it is already well established!

Wisdom While You Work not only helps the young, but also parents, teachers, mentors & anyone involved with young people. It even helps adults in business too.

  • Everyone – Use it as a journal, for notes, to-do lists, sketches or doodles. Each page turns over a new thought-provoking message enhancing lives with positivity and motivation.
  • Mentors – discuss the topics with children – it provokes thought and emotions but best of all communication – these are serious messages to be talked about. It can be used as a conversation starter or icebreaker when values are discussed. The meanings can be chatted through and thoughts jotted down.
  • Parents – Christmas & Birthday presents for age 10 and up (adults are also buying it for adults!)
  • School Prizes – prize giving, competitions, leavers presents or good merit.
  • Revision Cards – now available see more at
  • Teachers – use the topics as ideas or tools in PCHE/SMSC, assemblies, pastoral care or debate classes.

If you would like to buy, be involved or register your interest in any way please get in touch. Libbla Kelly would be delighted to hear your views & chat with you. If you would like a sample book sent to you please let us know.   M: 07778 299149

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