Look back but also look forward!

look for your starPerhaps you know, my notebook started off as a letter to my 12 godchildren and turned into my book and now revision cards for schools! Each sale, each positive comment fed back to me is sheer joy.

However, it is always the same when you have a new idea or a new product. Trying to get it “out there” is the hardest thing of all.

I was struck today by the amount of older bands we hear on our radios and the longevity music holds. Young people loving ELO, Bruce Springsteen all those that I loved when I was in my teens, and still do!

Books can have the same effect on us, re-reading old books you loved when you were younger.Yes, look back to lovely memories but remember them and then pop them back in the “album” of your mind. There is much to do, you must go forward, look for another star, start making new memories by doing something good, fun or interesting every day. Discover, create, live.

Remember, keep your good character values in the forefront of every day – live by them, balance your world with wise words and #flytheflagforwisdom.



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